westfield high


It’s the September of 2013 and Westfield High has just re-opened for the school year. After the tragedy that occurred the year previously, a lot of students are shaken up. Tate Langdon is returning for his final year at the school, graduating in the summer if he can just keep it together that long. Unlike most of the other students, he isn’t very shaken up over the deaths of several of his classmates. Violet Harmon, new to the town, is joining the chaos of graduating with no knowledge of the past events. With temptation around every turn and more shaken emotions than normal, everyone just wants to make it to the end of the year and graduate with their friends.

17 ○ Student ○ Looks like Taylor Momsen 

Stephanie was born in Canada before her parents moved to Norlyn in Ohio. When Stephanie was ten, her parents died in a car accident, leaving her to live her aunt that also lived in the town.  She gained a new perspective on life that day, realizing that it was a much darker place than she thought before if it would leave children childless. She became a very sad person, struggling with depression and being angry at the world for taking her parents. Even through high school, she distanced herself from most people except for a few that shared her views on how dark life is.

  • Stephanie tends to spend her spare classes in the library
  • Reading is Stephanie’s favourite past time. She sees it as an escape from reality and she’ll read nearly anything.
  • Stephanie suffers from severe DSPD (delayed sleep phase disorder). She normally wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until at least 3am. The only way to prevent her from waking up in time for school would be if her aunt forced her awake. If she didn’t do so, Stephanie would be asleep past noon
  • When Stephanie’s aunt is successful in waking up her niece, she’ll normally have hallucinations and feel painfully exhausted
Played by: Isty