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It’s the September of 2013 and Westfield High has just re-opened for the school year. After the tragedy that occurred the year previously, a lot of students are shaken up. Tate Langdon is returning for his final year at the school, graduating in the summer if he can just keep it together that long. Unlike most of the other students, he isn’t very shaken up over the deaths of several of his classmates. Violet Harmon, new to the town, is joining the chaos of graduating with no knowledge of the past events. With temptation around every turn and more shaken emotions than normal, everyone just wants to make it to the end of the year and graduate with their friends.

Because we lost most of our members, and because we (the mods) have been busy with school, it seems like the roleplay has died, for the most part. If anyone wants us to, we can revamp it, update everything and get it going again. If not, we’re going to leave it be. 

Anonymous sent: Is Tate open? I saw you accepted an app but there's no link

Tate is taken, sorry. If you look on the Masterlist, there’s a link up. 

Anonymous sent: How active is this rp?

It’s not crazy active right now because a lot of our members are busy, but there’s almost always someone online. 

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The role is now open for applications!

Accepted: Tate Langdon

Please make the account and send us the link as soon as possible!

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Tate Langdon and Gage Allard are now open!

Anonymous sent: Can I ask, who all is open?

Everyone listed in the Open Character list.

(Leah Young, Charles Montgomery, Nora Montgomery, Travis Wanderley, Renee Temple, Chad Warwick, Vivien Harmon, Ben Harmon, Larry Harvey, Constance Langdon, Claire King, Kyle Greenwell, Chloe Stapleton, Amir Stanley.)

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45 ○ Psychiatrist ○ Looks like Dylan McDermott ○ Open

Ben Harmon worked hard to become a teacher as well as a psychiatrist. He wanted to make a good life for his wife and wanted to have a big family. When their daughter, Violet, came, he was the happiest man alive. He was working as teaching psychiatry at the local university when his daughter was born, and continued his work. He made a good life for his daughter and wife, although he couldn’t spend a whole lot of time with them at the beginning. After time, he got closer to his wife once more and was shocked to hear they were expecting another child. After the miscarriage, in his grief, he slept with one of his students and ended up getting caught by Vivien. In an attempt to save his family, he had them move to Norlyn and restarted his business as a psychiatrist.

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